What is Run X?

The First Metaverse Move 2 Earn, Count 2 Earn and Ride 2 Earn App Based on Real Metaverse Character at The Multichain Network.
HOW RUNX WAS BUILT AND ITS GOALS: RUNX is based on a common everyday activity for most people: moving. We are the first team to create and implement a sustainable, working Move-to-Earn (M2E) model.
RUNX is a web3 wellness and way of life portable application with inbuilt NFT gaming and Social-fi components where you can procure prizes in Crypto/NFTs just by development like strolling, running and cycling.
To start with, you mint a free NFT, then by counting, running, and cycling you will procure in-game digital currency, which can either be utilized for in-game exercises or changed out for benefit.

Dual Token Ecosystem

In-App Token: $RUNN
Governance Token: $RNX